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    Rare earth alloy

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    Rare earth alloy

    Product line

    Product name

    Alloy ratio

    Magnesium based rare earth alloy

    Mg La mg nd mg y mg GD mg dy mg Er mg Yb mg Zr mg SR

    Rare earth content 2-80%

    Nickel base rare earth alloy

    Ni La Ni CE Ni y

    Cobalt base rare earth alloy

    Cobalt lanthanum samarium cobalt

    Aluminum base rare earth alloy

    Al SC y al La CE al er

    Copper base rare earth alloy

    Cu La Cu CE Cu nd Cu Er Cu y

    Note: rare earth ternary and multi-element alloys can also be customized according to the user's requirements

    Purpose: refine grains, reduce porosity, improve hardness and fracture strength of alloy, enhance oxidation resistance and ductility, improve machining performance of alloy, improve stamping performance, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and surface finish, and remove sulfur and oxygen

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