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  • Baotou lanthanide New Material Technology Co., Ltd
    Baotou Lanthanide New Material Technology CO.,LTD
    Tel:136 7473 1523



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      Baotou lanthanide New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, located in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, the capital of rare earth. It is a high-tech innovative enterprise that focuses on the R & D, production, sales and service of rare earth application products and new rare earth materials, and is committed to providing customers with cost-effective products and technical solutions.

      The company has a professional cooperation laboratory, technical team and factory, so that we can provide customers with a full range of services from rare earth raw materials to new rare earth materials to meet different needs of customers. Since its establishment, lanthanide people have always regarded technical service for customers, innovation and value creation as the source power of enterprise development, the spirit of cooperation, the courage to explore, and the determination to become experts in the field of rare earth integrated Mei new materials. Our products are sold to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan with annual sales of more than 80 million yuan. We sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to visit our company! A kind of

    Baotou lanthanide New Material Technology Co., Ltd 專業從事于Polishing powder, Flint stick, target material, 歡迎來電咨詢!

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